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Fred Zake

Executive Director

Fred is a Corporate Finance and Investment Advisor, boasting a remarkable track record of over 25 years in delivering exceptional results for private, public, and development partner clients across more than 40 countries worldwide. He pursued his Masters’ Degree in Law at the London School of Economics, specializing in International Business Transactions, FDI, Securities and Capital Markets Regulation, and UN Law.

Fortunate Kwiringira


Fortunate, a seasoned Management Consultant, brings over 15 years of expertise in overseeing projects, providing consultancy services, and guiding teams through intricate endeavors. His project management repertoire encompasses investment mapping, establishing investment deal pipelines, capacity enhancement initiatives, and institutional fortification. 

Prisca Beesigomwe

Head - AgriBusiness

Prisca is a private sector consultant with over 10 years’ experience in operating and coordinating private, public and PPP projects. She has vast knowledge in scoping, designing, and implementation projects that are both locally and internationally financed by government and
development partners.

Joseph Mukisa, MBA

Head - Oil & Gas

Joseph boasts over 12 years of expertise in financial and inventory management. During his tenure as an inventory manager at Jumia Uganda, he played a pivotal role in process mapping for operational enhancement within the logistics division. Notably, he spearheaded the implementation of a reversal process to mitigate losses in returning packages from last-mile hubs. 

Hannington Bukomeko

Head - Business DEVELOPMENT

Hannington is a highly skilled Agricultural Development Specialist dedicated to achieving sustainable outcomes. Hannington’s expertise lies in agricultural systems analysis, research, and strategic ideation, with a focus on rural livelihoods and sustainable development goals related to poverty reduction, hunger eradication, climate action, and biodiversity conservation.

Grace Bwamiki


Grace is adept at crafting and spearheading inventive technical operations for monitoring, evaluation, learning, and research across various sectors including health, agriculture, livelihoods, gender, and WASH programs. He excels in implementing strategic research operational functions for dynamic organizations, consistently striving for excellence.

Emma Epiot


Emma brings extensive expertise in project management, particularly in WEB 3 and decentralized financing. With a successful history of managing portfolios exceeding 300,000$, he has demonstrated exceptional performance as a business development associate at Olum Farms, leading successful market expansions into the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

Joshua Baguma

Senior Agronomist

Joshua Baguma holds the position of Senior Compliance Coordinator at HortiFresh Association. With a background as a trained Agriculturalist, researcher, Data analyst, and export quality controller, he brings to the table 8 years of hands-on experience in various agricultural-related domains.

Eng. William Bitarabeho

Consultant - IT

William has over 22 years of experience as project director for several ICT projects in areas of media broadcast, e-government and telecom
infrastructure. He has been outsourced by multinational corporations and governments on numerous occasions to do projects as far afield as Gabon and Zambia.

Myrae Namuyimba


Myrae has over 22 years of experience in the financial sector and over 11 years’ experience in consulting at a senior level both in Agribusiness and Credit/Financial Management, Capital Raising & Funding Solutions, Capacity Building, Governance, HR Management, as well as SMEs & Business Management.

Peter Mulindwa, MBA


Peter is a results-driven professional with a strong background in partnerships, market development, and operational efficiency. With a track record of success in strategic planning, budget management, and stakeholder relations, Peter has made significant contributions  and renewable energy organisations.

Batenga Nakisozi

Consultant - IT

Batenga is an experienced Business Systems Analyst and Data Analyst, boasting extensive corporate experience across large and medium multinational and international firms. Her proficiency in analytics, technology, business acumen, and leadership empowers her to effectively oversee project tasks, whether as a team member or a leader. 

Achan Evalyne


Evalyne is a skilled professional proficient in law, project management and gender equality. She skillfully implements personnel policies, establishes precise performance goals, and nurtures staff growth. Evalyne excels in creating work plans, overseeing budgets, and compiling thorough project reports with success.

Frances Nsonzi, Ph.D


Frances has  overseen tasks encompassing the identification of constraints within markets for smallholder farmers and private sector growth, as well as trade facilitation, business licensing, and diverse sectors such as health, tourism, and education. Her clientele comprises esteemed institutions including  UNCTAD, IFC and various private sector entities.

Rita Namugwa

Legal Associate

Rita has been actively involved in the scoping and design of  multiple projects for clients such as SwissContact and the IFC. Furthermore, she has spearheaded and managed several business development initiatives within the oil and gas sector, gaining valuable experience in the bidding process for firms in Uganda.

Allan Bukenya


Allan is a chartered certified accountant, financial advisor and consultant with over 15 years of supporting government institutions, private sector companies and international finance/project companies. He has management and team leadership experience in strategy formulation and execution, corporate governance, liaison and engagement with stakeholders.

Amos Turyatemba


Amos is a development management specialist with over 15 years of experience in community development work, broadly involving: stakeholder’s engagement, participatory community development; social research and policy analysis; environmental conservation social studies; strategic planning & management; programme/project design, M&E; and development management capacity building.

Dr. Evarist Twimukye


Evarist has over 20 years of experience as a technical and policy advisor to governments, policy think-tanks, research organizations and international organizations. He has worked with the UNDP, UN Women, the African Development Bank, the World Bank and the Interbational Finance Corporation.

Peter Garang


Garang is highly experienced and skilled Senior Agronomist and production manager in mostly agricultural value chains and food security & Livelihoods projects that create positive and sustainable impacts. He is working as a Team Lead for HortiFresh NU-HortiMAP project in 8 districts of both Lango and Acholi sub-regions

Daniel Mineno


Daniel is experienced in developing training curricula, modules and programmes and has obtained leadership and supervisory skills and experience at the management level. He has worked on crop value chain development integrating convention and market systems development approaches and is skilled in proposal and business development activities


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